I am a Bristol-based bus-driver (that’s Bristol, South-West England, UK) and nobody in particular, introduced to blogging by my eldest daughter.  Initially I was using it as a means for exploring books of the moment by illustrating salient quotes, poems etc.  For a while, my son showed an interest, so it was a good way to encourage him to draw some of his favourite things. I have also included some of my own poetry: after a long drought the words started to flow again, and it was good to have a place to display my efforts.  My abiding interest in the historical and mythical figure of Jesus Christ, (the images stories and mysteries that have arisen with him over and beneath time) has also found its way into this blog, but mostly I have been interpreting Coleman Barks’ versions of the works of Jelaluddin Rumi, the 13th century Sufi saint and poetic genius.
I have been reading more and more of Rumi’s poems the last couple of years, incorporating them into my morning meditations.  In these treasures, I find a constant and reliable source of inspiration, consolation, and access to the deepest truths.
Sometimes I feel as if I am getting a glimpse into the realm of the mystic, the gnostic, the blessed.
Trying to interpret these glorious word-hoards with my own amateurish photos, drawings and paintings is challenging but engaging and helps me to relax after a taxing day driving buses around the Greater Bristol area!
My favourite books by Coleman Barks would have to be

“The Essential Rumi”(1995 Harper Collins),
“The Soul of Rumi”(2001 Harper Collins), and
“Rumi: The Big Red Book” (2010 Harper Collins),
but there are priceless gems in all of the many of Coleman’s books.

I change with the seasons; some weeks all I can read is advaita, sometimes only Eckhart Tolle can reach me. Other times I find my soul-sustenance in rich fictions.  But there is always a way to express some of that experience in my blog. So I’ll try and stay true to that at least…


Something I have come to appreciate about having a blog is the way it helps to focus my attention on what I am feeling and what I am feeling strongly enough about to want to express somehow. And when it is done and finished and I can let myself hit the ‘Publish’ button, the sense of relief and release is palpable. It feels akin to knocking out a tidy copy of a poem on one of my old typewriters back in the 80’s, when I wrote a lot of poems. Nowadays they come rarely but it feels like even more of a blessing for that.


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