towering over

By: alexanderlewin

Jul 15 2017

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Category: Photography, Poetry

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Lumia 520

when i was falling asleep
you were waking up
when i was busy dreaming
you were wide-awake
when i was drifting off
you were coming round
when i was sinking fast
you were coming up for air

when i was adjusting
to the bright morning light
you were wandering purblind
through the Underworld
when we both came to
the nightmare began
for real

when you were running away
i simply couldn’t move
when i was in that building
you were watching me
from the other side
when you came to pick me up
we were both caught up in it
a river of eyes reflecting flames

when i was dropping off
you were catching someone else
when i was climbing down
you were fighting your way up
through the clouds

when i try to sing about it
you push your thumbs into your eyes
when i ask the reason why
my god looks down
comes too late and
only talks to you

there is no way to stop this all from happening
there is no way to get back through to you
there is no purpose to this suffering
that i can really see

i can really see


al july 2017


I am just a distant spectator who got too close to the media maelstrom surrounding the Grenfell Tower disaster. The incomprehensible enormity of suffering silenced me but also impelled me to speak. I was numbed out and deadened by all of the voices and feelings and stories and the extremity of it all. I had been listening to a lot of Mogwai while I was reading the compelling news stories and watching the shocking footage. I came across this track of theirs, Superheroes of BMX, which provided the perfect instrumental backdrop to my unwritten poem. I sang it out and wrote it out and typed it out and worked on it and left it alone for a while. I came back to it tonight, put the Mogwai on and finished it off. I think that hearing the firefighter’s open letter read out on Radio 4 this morning (14/07/17) galvanized me and helped me get it done.
I really struggled but I am glad that I found a way to write this out, to extricate it from myself and set it free. A complex web of thought and emotion turned into a poem or a song.
As a song, I would really like to hear it sung, but not by me! So, the chords are just A# Major and D Minor: if anyone wants to have a go at it, by all means get involved!


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