Like Jonah from the Belly of the Whale

jonahfromthebelly (4)

Wrapped up and marinaded in myrrh and aloes
for three holy days like Jonah stewing in
the digestive juices of the whale.

Your skin tanned like leather with forest greens
river greens splashes and streaks of crepuscular
maroons newborn blues and stony ochres.

You are a camouflaged man, a bruised rainbow,
one who looks as if he has emerged from
the womb of a tree, not some arid tomb.

Your teeth and nails stained with verdigris,
your eyewhites turned a cloudy grey,
you squint your reacquaintance with the light.

Thorns still working their way out of your
punctured scalp, nail-holes swollen shut like
a boxer’s eyes after a bad night on the ropes
and the shocking three-fingered gash in your side.

Tracing a way through the atlas of your
gaping wounds whilst weeping angry tears,
mapping the contours of your suffering;
your wealth of colour leaches into me,
leaving me tattooed with a lacerating eternity.

al Spring 2017jonahfromthebelly (1)


4 comments on “Like Jonah from the Belly of the Whale”

  1. Colourful metaphors!


  2. Absolutely amazing imagery!!

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