Anthony & Kalashnikov

Fascinating story this, the Temptation of St. Anthony, and it has inspired some phantasmagorical works
of art, from the likes of Hieronymus Bosch,
Max Ernst, Matthias Grünewald, Félicien Rops, MichaelangeloDomenico Morelli, Salvador Dali,
and Albrecht Dürer, whose engraving I have ineptly copied for my own base amusement!

No one can be sure that the Forces of Darkness didn’t try to distract Anthony from his devotions with a levitating Kalashnikov, so it remained on the page after having first emerged as a sketch for some of my son’s Russian homework. Obviously! After that I went to town and gave free rein to my feverish imagination!

I included some references to the author Malcolm Lowry, another character tormented by demons! I have recently finished his masterpiece “Under the Volcano”; one of those epic books that I have been meaning to read for years. Well worth the wait! Douglas Day, Lowry’s editor and biographer describes it as “…a stunning and final evocation of hell on earth, a magnificently controlled vision of a world which none of us knows, but which all of us recognize.”

Finally I thought that it would be appropriate to add some background music to this piece to add ambience while you perhaps perused some the artistic versions of the Anthony story. I have chosen a song which I heard the other day on Iggy Pop’s Radio 6 show and liked immediately. No one can be sure that the Forces of Darkness didn’t try to distract Anthony from his devotions with Raketkanon’s “Nico Van Der Eeken”…(it’s the second track on their second album, RKTKN#2, 3min13sec in).



2 comments on “Anthony & Kalashnikov”

  1. Absolutely loved your drawing when I saw it in the book on the kitchen table. However I didn’t spend the time it deserved looking at it. I also love the written work.

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