Anthony Says #214

By: alexanderlewin

Sep 25 2016

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Category: Photography, Poetry


Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Lumia 520


Out of the electric whine of silence,
somewhere between sleep and dream,
I was visited by a face veiled with a sheet of flame.

Through the quivering haze
came a voice deeper than speech:
words not meant to be read or overheard.

Most forms of holiness could not have endured
the ferocity of his despair as he shared
his torment with his intended heir.

Trying to engage me in some vile exchange,
I felt my will being swayed
by the authority of his teaching.

I reasoned with what little remained to me
that he might well deserve my place
upon this rolling globe

while I at least might find release
in an expiation of my wasted life
amidst the purifying conflagration of his estate.



2 comments on “Anthony Says #214”

  1. There is an amazing power in the words of the poem – incredible!

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