By: alexanderlewin

Aug 14 2016

Tags: ,

Category: Photography, Poetry


Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Lumia 520

a ceiling of shivering moth-wings, a tombstone
floor carpeted with hair-shirt remnants, an aching
room with rose-stained walls and a blinded window.

a seaman’s chest dredged from smoking depths,
three eggs nestled in a feathered bowl, a weeping
candle, fingerprints etched into its length.

a trio of mirrored icons multiplies a table
dressed with glistering finger-rings, a locked book
and a golden key in a red-glass ashtray.

countless crosses clinking on a Gaudí bedstead,
plankton-scented pillows, a ticking mattress,
a single wardrobe hanging two embittered shrouds.

al august 2016


3 comments on “chamber”

  1. An absolutely amazing poem, conjuring up a incredibly vivid image.

  2. …even ‘an’ incredibly vivid image!!

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