deep asylum

By: alexanderlewin

Jul 20 2016

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Category: Photography, Poetry


Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Lumia 520

Descending the stairs that coil into a darkness oxidised with strands of Bach, I reach the earth floor and exit through leather doors and find myself adrift upon a blinding plain of whiteness and desolation, random voices crying for redemption.  One soul, the arms of his loosened straitcoat trailing behind him like chequered tentacles, leads me to the burrowed nest where caved therein is an oak of a man, arms like cabers and eyes like black pearls distilled in a golden liquor.  When I enquire about the locks upon his boots, he says he is not worthy to have his latchets unloosed, but while he yearns to feel the chert crunch between his claw-hooked toes, he waits for one whose essence transfuses through him beyond reckoning.  As if in explication he pulls aside the left lapel of his work coat.  Peering in I behold, amidst the smell of damp and granulated soil, protruding from beneath the promontory of his breast, a barb wood-brown and fierce of intent.  Suspended from this armature hangs a misshapen ball, a miniature heart, an organ pumping incessant and sublime.  He bleeds for me that I may never die, he says, and then I am here, outside the dream, filled with sobriety and stillfulness, shaken with the occasional tremor of a deepening shame, circumambulating the church, benumbed within a sea of summer green.


july 2016



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  1. Awesome!

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