under bridges

By: alexanderlewin

Apr 29 2016

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Category: Photography, Poetry


Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Lumia 520

walking to my grandfather’s
dazed by a nest of dandelions
a momentary trace of something
burning – guttering – creaking
a river flowing backwards
under bridges from the past

a man with his dog
whose face although taller
may well belong to someone
I knew many years ago

across the river a mound
of rubble under construction
the persistence of oiled metal on stone
steadily demolishing my memory’s being

my grandfather speaks of his grandfather
whose four sons all went to war
all made it home catching the scent
of horses grazing on the river breeze

walking back along
yet another running route
older – slower – older
I am greeted by two sisters
out walking their dog
flowers so delicate
I cannot decide
they could be pink or white
or blue to my corrupted eyes

nearing the city blossoming trees
and a burnt-out mattress
muscle dogs spray paint roll-up
smoke and incongruous pink ribbons
tied on branches at intervals

April 28th 2016



2 comments on “under bridges”

  1. A wonderfully atmospheric ‘photo and factual writing. Like a Lot!

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