undammed stream/shadow play

By: alexanderlewin

Feb 11 2016

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Category: Drawing, Photography, Poetry, Rumi, Sufism


Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Lumia 520

You thought union was a way
that you could decide to go.
But the world of the soul
follows things rejected
and almost forgotten.
Your true guide drinks
from an undammed stream.

undammed (5)

Poem, song, and story, the stream sweeps by,
moving along what was never mine anyway.
What I have done through an act of will,
well-meaning or mean, these are brought in
briefly by moonlight, then carried obscurely off.

shadow-puppets (3)

Destiny does not obey our desiring.
Existence is meant to flow into absence.
All this is a shadow-play,
a very skilful show,
but we are not actually here.

shadow-puppets (1)

Childhood, youth, maturity,
and now old age.
Every guest agrees to stay
three days, no more.
Master, you told me
to remind you.
Time to go.

shadow-puppets (2)

Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)
tr.Coleman Barks
from Rumi: The Big Red Book
HarperCollins 2010


2 comments on “undammed stream/shadow play”

  1. The silhouette shadowman is my favourite.

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