this road that has no end

By: alexanderlewin

Jan 25 2016

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Category: Drawing, Poetry, Rumi, Sufism

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I honor those
who try to rid themselves of any lying,
who empty the self
and have only clear being there.

Those on the way are almost invisible
to those who are not.
A man or a woman recognizes God and starts out.
The others say he, or she, is losing faith.


We do not have to follow
the pressure-flow of wanting.
We can be led by the guide.
Wishes may or may not come true
in this house of disappointment.
Let’s push the door open together
and leave.

I placed one foot on the wide plain of death,
and some grand immensity sounded on the emptiness.
I have felt nothing ever
like the wild wonder of that moment.


Step out on this road that has no end.
Seeing things at a distance
is not the human experience.
A ‘strong heart’ with many kinds of love
is what you most need for this setting out.
‘A strong body?’ Good for the animals.

As you start out on the way,
the way appears.
As you cease to be,
true life begins.
As you grow smaller,
the world cannot contain you.
You will be shown a being
that has no ‘you’ inside it.


Keep walking, though there is no place to get to.
Do not try to see through the distances.
That is not for human beings. Move within,
but do not move the way fear makes you move.

When your love reaches the core,
earth-heavals and bright irruptions spew in the air.
The universe becomes one spirit thing,
that simple, love mixing with spirit.



Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)
tr.Coleman Barks
from Rumi: The Big Red Book
HarperCollins 2010


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