Rack & Ruin

By: alexanderlewin

Nov 05 2015

Category: Poetry

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Son of man,
what is that proverb that ye have
in the land of Israel, saying
The days are prolonged, and every vision faileth?
Ezekiel 12:22 (KJV)

This lost soul clings to his stricken craft,
Broken-open, over-exposed, trapped
In a meltwater that burns, a river
Of spite, littered with rusted floes,
Soft droppings, old pipes, eye-flesh,
Soiled bottles, horse-nails, bent-
Back Bibles and sheared limbs.

Indicted for the history of his sins,
His crimes advertised in Medusa’s shrill cries,
Broadcast in Piccadilly neon: Truth-stains,
Truth-burns, truth-tears, truth-wounds,
Truth-works, truth-rains, truth-lies.

To be gone beyond all this,
To be gone for good,
To be gone on
To the Healing Sleep,
To be gone.





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