Ballad of the Dry Valley

By: alexanderlewin

Apr 02 2015

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Category: acrylic, collage, Hand-painted, Poetry


Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Lumia 520

I was out walking through the dry valley

heartsick and burdened with debt.

The hives they were buzzing behind both my eyes

but not one of my tears was wet.

Close to extinction I found an oasis

surrounded by many tall trees.

Standing there combing his beard

with his fingers

Jesus was waiting for me.

By cupping his palms he offered me water

water that tasted of wine.

I asked for a word to feed my poor soul

and he smiled a whole gospel wide.

I continued migrating across the dry valley

my heart now restored to itself.

The beams and the scales were gone from my eyes

my tears a new symbol of wealth.


Good Friday 2015


6 comments on “Ballad of the Dry Valley”

  1. A bit Goddy but <3, Papa xxx

  2. I think Miss Lewin succinctly captured the key themes. Welcome back to blogging and Happy Easter chum. Ed

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