columns (II&III)

columns III(b)

Columns of mist trail through the valley,
the sky breaks open
and a pale blue light spills out.
There is a pinkish glow on the earth,
turning into a deep red.
The clouds are on fire,
blowing silently across the pond.

We had a one-day sitting in the rain.
All day listening to the wet, clean sounds.
The delicacy of it.
In the face of death,
what is really important after all?
Kindness, love.
Enjoying the sound of the rain.

Joan Tollifson, from Bare-bones Meditation.


2 comments on “columns (II&III)”

  1. I think this is a premonition about the wet Saturday to come… I’m looking forward to enjoying the sound of the rain, with occasional inappropriate laughter and the scratch of pen nibs… Ed

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