meditation in yellow

“Meditation is in truth higher than thought,” declared an anonymous rishi in the pages of the Upanishads.
Then, as if knowing we would wonder what could be higher than thought, the rishi added:
“The earth seems to rest in silent meditation.”
Whether we picture the earth resting on the back of a turtle or riding the currents of astral gravity, we still have the question of where the turtle stands or what holds the stars on course.
In the Upanishadic version the whole universe must rest in that which is nothing like itself, neither spatial nor temporal.
The suggestion is that, like the earth, we can be what we are as we are only if we allow ourselves to float in meditation.
But not just meditation, silent meditation.
This is the mode of our being before speech, before thought, before action.
This is a spiritual discipline that sounds more like not doing than doing.
How can we pursue a discipline without pursuing it?

from Breakfast at the Victory by James P. Carse


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  1. Yep. Really like this one.

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