in the arteries

Orange, blue, yellow, red, are not less in man’s arteries than in the sun.
As a long highway passes between two villages, one at either end, so the sun’s rays pass between this world and the world beyond. They flow from the sun, enter into the arteries, flow back from the arteries, enter into the sun.
When man is asleep, enjoying his sleep, he creates no dream; his soul sleeps in the arteries. No evil can touch him, for he is filled with light.
When he is dying, those around him ask if he knows them; as long as the soul does not leave the body he knows them.
But when the soul leaves the body, ascending with the sun’s rays, he meditates on OM and, with the speed of thought, goes to the sun. Sun is the Gate of Heaven, where the wise can pass.
Here is my authority:
‘There are a hundred and one arteries leading to the heart; one of them pierces the crown of the head. He who goes upward through it, attains immortality; He who does not, is born again.’

from The Chandogya Upanishad Book VIII
trans Shree Purohit Swami and W.B. Yeats
Faber 1937


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