Rublev’s Saviour

By: alexanderlewin

Jun 02 2013

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Category: Poetry


Rublev’s Saviour

As if simultaneously
shrinking into oblivion
and waking from the dream
we choose to call our life;
this partial figure of the moment,
this fugitive from the sin of time,
appears before our lying eyes.

A fragment, a figment, an apparition,
pinched off hastily by his creator:
a torn wing caught mid flight
between dawn and dusk;
a shell loosened from its host
and crushed with too much inquiry;
a leaf ripped from a good book;
a volume bound in fish-scales,
silvered rainbows which stain
my blinded fingers.

A shimmering fish
beating out its throes
on the planked floor
of its captor’s vessel:

(Alex Lewin May/June 2013)

On this occasion, instead of attempting to illustrate a quotation, I found myself inspired to write a poem about this intriguing icon, The Saviour painted by Andrei Rublev in the 1400’s.


2 comments on “Rublev’s Saviour”

  1. Loving the imagery and almost onomatopoeic texture of the poem itself but a little iconographic for my tastes. Nice work though 🙂

  2. Sounds as if you might enjoy “How to Learn to Like What You Love: Recalibrating Your Blog Responses For A Happier Healthier Life” by Baxter & Shinty O’Bunion.

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