Sub-Ocean Entity

By: alexanderlewin

May 24 2013

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Category: Hand-drawn

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Scoop a jar of water out of the ocean and put a lid on it…Study it in its segregated state. Where is the ocean in that jar? Where are the tides and the currents? Pour it back into the ocean and it returns to its integrated state. The temporary entity no longer exists…By scooping it into a jar, you’ve created a new entity, a sub-ocean. It’s not posible to subdivide infinity, of course, but try telling that to your new entity. It has all the properties of the ocean from which you have scooped it, in no way greater or lesser than any other sampling you might take, yet it bears little resemblance to its authentic oceanhood.
It has an independent existence, yet as soon as you pour it back, it merges seamlessly back into the integrated whole. Where is that particular sub-ocean entity after you pour it back in? The same place it was before; everywhere and nowhere. It didn’t exist before you scooped it up, but you didn’t create it.
It doesn’t exist after you pour it back, but you didn’t destroy it. So what was born when you segregated that jarful? What died when you reintegrated it?…

I wasn’t here a hundred years ago
and I won’t be here a hundred years from now,
I’m just flickering in and out of being.
I was scooped up and I’ll soon be poured back,
so what’s the truth of me?

Jed McKenna, from Spiritual Wafare.


One comment on “Sub-Ocean Entity”

  1. This is one of the many rants that touched the being-ness of what I am, he also stated, he doesn’t know where this is coming from, and seems to have more, which is always good when that occurs, as I am sure it happens to all scooped out jars of being. It seems clear that EGO generates an artificial and energetic wall, and is fuelled and maintained by emotions, hence to get beyond that is to let what rise to rise, and much of that is fear and its emotional attachments, and if one continues, the jar no longer has to wait for the vessel itself to deteriorate in order for that artificial separation to cease, and merging to occur. This though is an aspect, and more in line of unity consciousness. Hence further, but I see why most stop, as how could you not for at least some time. Cheers and great to see such a wondrous quote. Dan

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