more rubbish and debris

By: alexanderlewin

Mar 13 2013

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Category: Found Object

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Here’s the most directly I am able to say this: The one and only truth of any person lies like a black hole at their very core, and everything else, everything else, is just the rubbish and debris that covers the hole. Of course, to someone who is just going about their normal human existence undistracted by the larger questions, that rubbish and debris is everything that makes them who they are. But to someone who wants to get to the truth, everything that makes them who they are is exactly what’s in the way. All fear is ultimately fear of this inner black hole, and nothing on this side of that hole is true. The process of achieving enlightenment is about breaking through the blockage and stepping through the hole, and anything that’s not about getting to and through the hole is just more rubbish and debris.

Jed McKenna, from Spiritual Enlightenment The Damnedest Thing


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