By: alexanderlewin

Mar 10 2013

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“You’ve all heard the saying ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ Well, that means a lot more than just the mysterious arrival of gurus in a timely manner. It means that the knowledge you need will appear when you’re ready for it. The ability to open the next door is never denied, but the ability to open the door after the next is never granted. In this sense, a passage from the Bible might be exactly the right thing at exactly the right time, but that doesn’t mean the entire Bible is the right thing all the time. Even the books and teachings I like the most I consider ninety percent useless…
It’s all about unlocking the next door, and having ten thousand keys doesn’t mean a thing if none of them opens the door you’re standing in front of. ‘Teacher’ is just a word for the key you need to open the next door. After you’re enlightened, you can revisit these great books and the great teachings to your heart’s content and then they’ll no longer be mysterious or impenetrable to you, but they’ll still be of no use to you because you’ll already be enlightened, so it would really only be a recreational pursuit.”

Jed McKenna, from Spiritual Enlightenment The Damnedest Thing


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