A Vision of Jehanne

By: alexanderlewin

Jan 24 2018


Category: Poetry

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So close to death
she can taste its kiss,
envisage its wild extent.
Only chained to this world
by an iron hand around her ankle,
she is primed ready for release,
to flee as a sorceress
upon these blizzard winds.

I tried in vain to save her,
to plant my truth, to lure her
back into this ramshackle cabin
we call the world, but she could
not heed me, not above the roar
and beat of her relentless horse music.

So I unclasped my maniacal
grip and let her go
unencumbered and alone,
on into the frozen brazier
of God’s very breath.

“Yes, alone…alone with God…”



Note on images: Fresco of two young women: one a peasant girl at prayer, the other dressed in male attire: possible depictions of Joan of Arc rediscovered underneath a later work. She was known to pray often at the site, Notre-Dame de Bermont, near her birthplace of Domrémy. Source Wikipedia.